Grit Dance Tower
GRIT Dance Tower Includes: -Duffel Bag with built in support system at the base to keep the bag stable and sturdy while in use. It has inner garment storage rings for easy and efficient travel. On the inside of the tower door are zippered and mesh accessory pockets to store makeup, shoes, and jewelery. -Garment Rack to hang costumes on when bag is set-up. -Kickstand to keep bag from tipping. -Dance Tower is 36” tall, 21” wide, 17” deep at base of bag, 10” deep at top of bag. Picture shown with Accessory Bag/Mirror/Shelf purchased separately. Due to the oversized nature of the bag, it will be subject to additional shipping fees.
Price: $280.00
Grit Dance Tower Accessory SEt
The GRIT Accessory Pack is a set of items that are meant to improve the functionality of the GRIT Dance Tower. The Accessory Pack includes: -Mesh Bag to store shoes that need to breathe, delicate costume pieces, hair pieces and more. Clip the mesh bag to the clips located inside the door of the bag. -Shelf System to use as a makeup and hair touch-up station. -Mirror that can be clipped above the shelf system, or clipped around the upper garment rack. Free Shipping when purchased with Grit Dance Tower.
Price: $32.99

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